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NYCC 23: Nacelle and Oni Press bringing Robo Force, Power Lords, Sectaurs and more to comics

Nacelle has been busy crafting a connected universe that includes classic 80s toy lines, for both animation and comics.

It’s all connected

Somewhat quietly, The Nacelle Company has gathered together quite a few niche 80s toy properties under its umbrella. These formerly disparate licenses include the likes of Sectaurs, Power Lords, The Great Garloo, Robo Force, and Biker Mice from Mars (in conjunction with actor Ryan Reynolds – really). But while they all might have their own origins, The Biker Mice are gonna be meeting Robo Force pretty darn soon.

Under Nacelle and its owner Brian Volk-Weiss, all of the above will be melded together into one singular universe. Aside from bringing all of that to toy shelves, the all-new Nacelleverse will also be coming to animation in 2024. But the fun doesn’t stop there either.

Just revealed today is that Oni Press will be teaming with Nacelle, to bring all of the various Nacelleverse heroes and villains to the printed page. Those tales will erupt next year, via a set of limited series’ that will begin with Nacelleverse #0, an “oversized, 40-page one-shot helmed by writer Melissa Flores”, according to Oni.

“This fantastic partnership with Oni Press helps us expand our storytelling capabilities in a way that we know resonates with fans – through the limitless power of comics and graphic novels. Building upon the rich history of the many fan-favorite toy lines that populate the NACELLEVERSE and building a roadmap for fans to enter the interconnected world of our upcoming animated series, these series will be tailor-made entry points for longtime fans and new readers. Before anyone hits play on one of our series, they’ll know exactly what the events leading up to the first fade are,”

Brian Volk-Weiss, Nacelle Founder and CEO

We don’t know a ton about Nacelleverse #0 just yet, but fans can expect to see an assortment of what will be the universe’s mainstay characters included. Additionally, Flores will be the main creative force behind things moving forward, as she ties things together and brings it all to the future time of the 22nd century. That includes a three issue Robo Force series that’ll follow the above-mentioned zero issue.

The debut comic series will chart the rise of ROBO FORCE – a scrappy, overworked team of once-thought-obsolete robots who might just be Earth’s last, best chance at survival – in the lead-up to Nacelle’s upcoming ROBO FORCE animated series. 

Oni Press press release

There are no announced release dates for any of the above just yet, but you can expect to see Nacelleverse #0 hit stores some time in the spring of 2024. And if you’re into the action figures, Robo Force has already kicked that branch of the Nacelleverse off, with a pair of figures available now.

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