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Call of Duty HQ to serve as a gateway for Modern Warfare III, II, and Warzone

Activision gave a little more insight into Call of Duty HQ this week, as the hub for presumably all things CoD is set to open soon.

Orders from headquarters

That’s about to be a heck of a lot of “Call of Duty” out there. That spearheaded of course, by the imminent launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which will also include heavy updates to Warzone, the continual multiplayer hotspot for the franchise. From the sound of things too though, Modern Warfare II’s run isn’t considered ‘done’ by any means.

You might be asking why we’re saying that, but last year’s CoD is included in the press release for Call of Duty HQ, which just went out late yesterday. And if you don’t know what that it, well it’s best to just look at it as an online hub for the franchise, as it sounds like that’s what it’s intended to be going forward.

The HQ will be a true cross-platform center, offering players a gateway into the worlds of Call of Duty whether they’re playing on a console or PC. There fans will find separate areas of “game content”, starting with Modern Warfare III, Modern Warfare II, and naturally Warzone as well.

Activision says that the new hub will allow for “seamless switching between games and easier file size management.” Not only is the former kind of neat there, but the latter is almost a necessity at this point, with CoD games getting massive in terms of file-size. Depending on how well HQ functions, it could be a game-saver for those who are playing all three Call of Duty offerings.

As of yesterday, players will be able to update things for themselves, and download “the latest software updates”, as Modern Warfare III approaches. If you’d like to read up on that before you pull the trigger though, or maybe peruse what you’ll be able to do with HQ, as you download, click here to read the full briefing on the Call of Duty Blog.

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