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Boldly go with Star Trek: Resurgence, out now on disc

It’s rare these days to get a Star Trek game at all, but post-TNG adventure game Star Trek: Resurgence has even made the voyage to disc.

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There was a time when Star Trek games were pretty common. Back in the 90s the franchise was a multimedia beast, with multiple popular TV shows, movies, and yes video games. Those came in quite a few forms too, with action and strategy titles leading the way, but with a few acclaimed adventure games mixed in.

The new Star Trek: Resurgence might not be your typical example of the latter, but Dramatic Labs’ newest is nonetheless “narrative driven”, according to the press release. From a team that counts Telltale vets on its roster, Resurgence is set right after The Next Generation era, and features a new sotyr with a new crew and Starfleet vessel, but also familiar characters like now-Captain William Riker (actor Johnathan Frakes) and Ambassador Spock (voiced by Leonard Nimoy soundalike Piotr Michael).

Resurgence was launched digitally a little while back, but has now made its way to physical formats. So if you have a Star Trek collection, you can add one more game to the shelf.

Star Trek: Resurgence propels players into a gripping narrative-driven adventure set in the aftermath of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This immersive experience reintroduces fan-favorite characters like Captain William T. Riker (voiced by the legendary Jonathan Frakes) and Ambassador Spock (voiced with uncanny accuracy by the remarkably talented Piotr Michael). Celebrated for its commitment to authenticity, Star Trek: Resurgence is available on disc now for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Xbox Series X/Xbox One consoles at retail stores, and is available to download on the same platforms, plus Xbox Series S and PC (Epic Games Store).

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Along with the game, the physical version of Star Trek: Resurgence includes a pair of special bonuses at launch. The first of those is the ‘Federation Elite Starter Pack’, which is a collection of items redeemable in Star Trek Online. As for DLC offering number two, that’s a digital version of Star Trek: Resurgence #1, the first issue of a new comic book series.

As you can see above, Star Trek: Resurgence is out now, both physically and digitally for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and digitally for the PC, by way of Epic.

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