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Incub8 and Spacebot Interactive’s upcoming Dracula: Dark Reign is Stoker-approved

Getting even more action this week is the Game Boy Color, with the announcement of an official StokerVerse game.

Seriously, how cool is this

So it was only yesterday that we told you about a new Game Boy Color title, comic from publisher Incub8 and Spacebot Interactive. But that game is just one of the new portable titles set to hit from the publisher/developer tandem, as the dark lord of the night is on the way as well.

Dracula: Dark Reign is no ordinary take on the literary character’s mythos either, as it’s approved by the estate of Bram Stoker, and a part of the StokerVerse. This Game Boy Color title will be as official as it gets, and delve into a part of the Dracula story that’s never seen adaptation. Actually, it’s probably relatively unknown by even some hardcore fans.

That’s because the “Castlevania-style” adventure is being pulled right from the Dracula creator’s original notes, and has content never seen before in “any form of media”, according to the press release.

The most notable feature of Dracula: Dark Reign is the inclusion of a prologue that draws from Bram Stoker’s personal notes, introducing elements that have never before been witnessed in any form of media. Players will have the extraordinary opportunity to relive Jonathan Harker’s daring escape from Castle Dracula, bringing to life a pivotal moment that has captivated Dracula enthusiasts for generations. Dracula: Dark Reign invites you to embark on a spine-tingling adventure through the imagination of StokerVerse creators Dacre Stoker (great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker) and Chris McAuley.

Incub8 Games press release

While it might look like a straight action title, fans should be prepared for all of the above to be driven by a “unique blend of storytelling, exploration, and action”. Set against the backdrop of WWI, the game will reportedly delve “deep into the lore of Bram Stoker’s original novel, seamlessly pushing the storyline forward while maintaining the essence of the source material.”

Given the limitations of the hardware that the title is being developed for, it’ll be interesting to see how Spacebot pulls that off. Look for much more on Dracula: Dark Reign as we head towards its release, which will happen some time in 2024. Pre-orders aren’t open just yet, so stay tuned, though you can check out a bit more about the game via the official page here.

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