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Forgive Me Father 2 slithers into Early Access

Bubbling up from the depths of the cosmic sea is FPS sequel Forgive Me Father 2. It’s out now on Early Access.

Forgiven again

Byte Barrel and publisher Fulqrum’s horror/shooter saga continues today, as a part of Early Access on PC gaming-platforms. That, naturally, comes in the form of Forgive Me Father 2, which sets players into the role of one of the original game’s heroes, “The Priest”.

The titular Father is back, and his sanity is as ragged as ever as he re-engages with the otherworldly horrors of the game’s riff on the Lovecraftian world. Players will be able to play out 10 “nightmarish” levels, and wield a matching 10-pack of weapons against its beasts of the deep.

Drawing inspiration from various FPS subgenres, including classic boomer shooters like Quake and Doom, combined with modern mechanics, unique visual style and Unreal Engine 5 technology, Forgive Me Father 2 offers an action-packed retro-meets-cutting-edge love letter to all FPS fans. Building upon the original with a darker story, players are now entrenched deeper into the mythos, with equipable Dark Tome pages to upgrade your madness skills throughout the story. Be that healing wounds with Lifesteal, becoming more powerful with Might, boosting fire rate and reload speed with Haste or reducing incoming damage with Resistance, players can give their minds to the Eldritch apparitions to improve their chances of survival. 

Fulqrum Publishing press release

As with all Early Access titles, fans can expect to see plenty of updates for Forgive Me Father 2 as it makes its way towards a full retail release. And although there might be some ragged corners here and there at first, there’ll also be loads of bug-fixes and the developer will be taking community feedback into account. Just something to keep in mind.

The end result of all of that, by the way, is gonna be exponentially larger than this first release. According to the press release, fans can look for a final edition that’s three times bigger. Yep, this one’s going to be big.

Again though, you can play this early edition right now, and with a tidy 15% off launch-deal too. Just make sure you grab a copy before October 26th, as that’s when prices will switch to normal.

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