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The story continues, as Gothic II is coming to Switch next month

Fresh from the release of the original Gothic, THQ Nordic will be bringing Gothic II Complete Classic to the Switch in November.

THQ Nordic heard you like Gothic…

The original Gothic was just the beginning for publisher THQ Nordic, who are indeed following that launch up with the game’s direct sequel. Gothic II will be getting a “Complete Classic” edition next month, which continues the tale of the first game, tasking players with dealing with the fallout caused by their own character.

As you’ll see in the first-look trailer, the action role-playing title is looking good, and should offer plenty of content for fans looking to get lost in its fantasy world this Holiday season. According to THQ Nordic, Gothic II’s new launch will be bundled with the “Night of the Raven” expansion pack, plus “a wealth of new weapons, enemies, skills, and quests, elevating the overall experience to even greater heights”.

Who let the felons out? You, you, you, you! The nameless hero, defying all odds, shattered the magical barrier imprisoning the detainees of the Valley of Mines, granting them freedom. Yet, this act of liberation threw the whole region into chaos and disarray. Food became scarce, criminals are roaming the streets, and the once-thriving ore production ground to a halt. In response, King Rhobar II dispatched his stalwart paladins to restore order, prepared to employ force if necessary.

Once more, the players step into the boots of the nameless hero, tasked with an even greater mission and confronting challenges of epic proportions. The fierce Orcs are only one part of the problem…

THQ Nordic press release

Make sure to polish off Gothic now, because Gothic II: Complete Classic arrives on Nintendo Switch this November the 29th.

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