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The new update for FPS/RPG Devilated adds in a ton of new content

From Neon Doctrine and developer Trunka, retro-FPS Devilated has just gotten a massive content drop dubbed Great Earl of Hell.

Welcome (back) to hell

Have you played Devilated? Well, if you have and have since dropped it, you might want to re-install it and give it another crack, because The Great Earl of Hell has upped the ante significantly. That’s the name of the new update for the game by the way, and as mentioned it’s loaded.

Not only does the new update revamp the gameplay, with new “combat maneuvers, actions, and weapons”, but it also fleshes out the title’s world quite a bit. Players can expect to see new cutscenes that build the story and (and we quote the press release here) “a shitton of protagonist oneliners”. Oh and did we mention said one-liners are from actor Gianni Matragrano? Well, they are, and if you don’t know the name, you likely still know the voice as he’s been in a ton of games.

Here’s an… odd trailer for you.

In this hybrid RPG boomer shooter, embrace the evil deep inside your heart and slash, smash, slaughter, stone, sacrifice, shoot, ‘splode, slice, and shovel — *takes an angry inhale* — your way through legions of bloodthirsty creatures. Style and savagery are rewarded via a combo meter, keeping score of your viscousness; to keep your score up, use bullet time to decimate enemies. 

Neon Doctrine press release

As mentioned, this is no straightforward retro-FPS, as Devilated also has a progression system, New weapons and abilities will be unlocked as you play, and and players will have to actively manage “inventory armory, and strategize what weapon stats best fit your playstyle”. That sounds like no mean feat either, as the game is stocked with over 100 weapons and items, and abilities like “bullet time, dashing, and dual-wielding”, according to the press release.

Complete with a New Game+ mode, custom map creator, and a campaign that’s spread out over 30 levels of play (each with a boss to fight), the Early Access version of Devilated (along with the Great Earl of Hell update) is out now via Steam.

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