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Stylish, blood-soaked FPS action comes to consoles with Trepang2

A fully-modern horror shooter with a retro vibe, Trepang2 is crawling out of the PC and has landed on consoles.

What’s with that name anyway?

From Team17 Digital and Trepang Studios (oh, okay), Trepang2 is a bloody, ultra-violent FPS that’s meant to recall legends of the genre, like FEAR. While it’s not directly related to that series, it’s tough not to get the sense that the iconic terrorfest was an inspiration behind this new blaster.

Dripping in a dark and forbidding color palette, and filled with not only ruthless soldiers, but terrifying monsters and creeps to battle, Trepang2 was a horror fan’s delight on the PC. Now it’s made the jump though to consoles, landing for a little spooky-season fun.

Aspiritual successor to the fast-paced and over-the-top first-person shooters of the mid-2000s, Trepang2 on consoles pairs high-octane, 60-frames-per-second first-person gun-fu gameplay with a devastating heavy metal soundtrack as playersembark on a supernatural journey of death, destruction, and corporate conspiracies. 

Team17 Digital press release

The console port of Trepang2 promises 60fps action, plus the same gunplay, melee combat, and supernaturally-enhanced abilities of the original. Players will be able to engage in the conspiracy-filled campaign too, or engage in a little Horde Mode action and see how long they can last against waves of vicious foes.

Trepang2 is out right now for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and of course is still available for the PC.

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