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DC Entertainment Launches New Match 3 Mobile Game – DC Heroes & Villains

They’ve finally done it. DC has finally launched a Match 3 mobile game. Marvel did this a decade ago, and is still going strong; but credit where it’s due, they’ve finally got their foot in the proverbial door. Now is when we see if it actually has the staying power of something like Marvel’s Puzzle Quest.
Collect heroes and villains from across the DC Universe, such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Cyborg, and Two-Face, and set them together in a squad of 5. Set out on missions, each mission getting harder than the next. You have to make matches of at least 3 or more to create an attack line; this isn’t candy crush. When you make a match, the squares that you have matched will fly up the screen, and explode onto the enemy dealing damage. They can also damage you after a set amount of turns, so you have to plan your attacks carefully.
Atop the screen there will be the opposition in the form of thugs, clowns, dark acolytes, and even Batman himself as a boss for the villains! Your characters will be at the bottom of the screen, in a line, and when you make enough matches, the hero or villains portrait you’ve made enough matches with will be able to use their special ability. Train and build your characters to beat even the most difficult of challenges.

The game is out now, free to play, on Google Play for android, and the App Store for iPhone / iPad.

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