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The always affable MJF is here to intro AEW: Fight Forever’s Casino Battle Royale

The old “salt of the Earth” himself, MJF is here to let his legions of fans know what AEW: Fight Forever’s Casio Battle Royale is all about.

Luck of the draw

Not far off at all now, is AEW: Fight Forever, the first video game from the still relatively new wrestling organization. The game has been designed to harken back to the glory days of wrestling-games’ past, and includes a full roster of AEW wrestlers, and modes to play.

One of those is the hauntingly familiar Casino Battle Royale. But while some rules in this “rumble rules” match will be similar to other games, there are a few wild cards. For one thing, there are 21 participants, and all of them are segmented into suits. Yes, that means hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, as you’d find in a deck of cards.

When a wrestler’s card is dawn, it’s time for them to enter the match. But from there, it’s action as you like it, as they’ll all try to knock one another over the top rope, thereby eliminating each other. And the last man or woman standing, that’s your winner.

Let MJF explain:

For the uninitiated, Casino Battle Royal is a modified “rumble rules battle royale” including 21 wrestlers. In AEW: Fight Forever’s Casino Battle Royale mode, “Casino” refers to the special “deck of cards” entry system used in this match. Wrestlers are divided into suits: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, with each group consisting of a specific number of participants. When a wrestler’s card is called, they enter the ring and their objective is to eliminate their opponents by throwing them over the top rope. Once a wrestler is eliminated, they are out of the match, and the battle continues until only one wrestler remains.

THQ Nordic press release

Charming as always, that MJF. In any event, AEW: Fight Forever is bringing the Casino Battle Royale, plus a whole bunch of other match types, a creation suite, and a career mode along with it, when it launches for consoles and the PC on June 29th. Don’t forget that pre-ordering the game will also net you both iconic and Broken versions of Matt Hardy, and there’s also the Elite Edition.

Grabbing a copy of that over the base version will get you:

  • Early Access (24-hour/available Wednesday, June 28 – only for consoles)
  • Matt Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy roster additions
  • Six more amazing AEW in-game roster wrestlers: Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, The Bunny, Keith Lee, HOOK and Danhausen
  • PLUS four mini-games inspired by the biggest wrestlers in AEW

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