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Realistic FPS Six Days in Fallujah coming to Steam this month

Squad-up, get tactical, and try to survive Victura and Highwire Games’ “highly realistic first-person tactical shooter”, Six Days in Fallujah.

This is no game

Okay, so it is a game, can’t get around that. But even so, Six Days in Fallujah is set to be a much more realistic experience than any ‘modern warfare’ first-person shooter that you’ve played before.

From Victura and Highwire Games, Six Days in Fallujah tells the story of the Second Battle of Fallujah. It was a prolonged fight, but one that began in 2004, when Al Qaeda in Iraq forces took control of the city. Six months later, a coalition of US, UK, and Iraqi forces battled back against them, in “one of the world’s bloodiest battles in half a century”.

The game doesn’t sound like it’s set to take any of this lightly either. The grim events will play out in a game that was overseen by 100 “Marines and Soldiers” who were there, as well as “more than two dozen Iraqi civilians and soldiers”. So with all of that, it should have a good deal of authenticity.

It won’t be a cakewalk either, as players will have to use real-world military strategies if they want victory in the game’s co-op, four-player missions.

“The way we play video games right now is not how people fight in real life,” Sgt. Eddie Garcia, a Marine who was wounded during the Second Battle of Fallujah.  “Six Days in Fallujah requires tactics and teamwork that are more like real combat than any other game I’ve played.”

Sgt. Eddie Garcia, US Marine

Six Days in Fallujah will feature procedural AI, so players will have to be on their toes, not knowing what will come next in the field, as well as dynamic lighting effects for a more realistic world. On top of that, it’ll have something called Block-scale AI.

According to the press release, that shakes out to be a big challenge for players. Enemies in the game will be able to “stalk, flank, and ambush players while coordinating their attacks with each other and luring players into difficult situations”. And they won’t be limited to ‘areas’ either, as opposing forces can pretty much go anywhere in a map to strike.

The game’s been in development for a long time, 18 years if you can believe it. But it’s finally ready and looking towards an Early Access Steam release this month, on June 22nd.

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