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Check out over 12 minutes of Spider-Man 2 in action

Shown at the Sony PlayStation Showcase, Spider-Man 2 is looking sharp. Today’s video was loaded with Spidey x 2, Kraven, Lizard, and the symbiote.

He’s got big teeth

Another game that’s set to release this year, but we didn’t really know much about, Spider-Man 2 got some big time detailing today. Sony took the wraps off of some huge story points, that included how the single-player game will handle playing as both Peter and Miles, some o the villains that’ll factor into the overall story, and one very oily set of duds.

Of course, that last part is in reference to the Venom symbiote, which was seen in the first game, but only in a tease. And while we did know that Venom would be included in some way in SM2, we really had no idea how. Now though, at least in part, the symbiote has been revealed as it uses Peter Parker as its first host.

As in the comics, this grants Spidey enhanced… everything, and as we’ve seen in multiple media, a way more serious and angry demeanor than usual. Miles is the counter to that in this early look, though keep in mind that dynamic is going to change throughout the game.

Don’t forget that we know Venom is in there somewhere, at some point, and he’ll be voiced by horror legend Tony Todd.

But enough talk, have at this video:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrives for the PS5 this fall.

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