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LEGO gets PAC-MAN fever, with new arcade set

PAC is, most definitely, back. The little yellow dot-gobbler continues to roll thanks to LEGO, who has a brand new PAC-MAN building set.

PACking in the nostalgia

One of the most legendary of all video gaming characters, PAC-MAN has been making a bit of a comeback over the last few years. There’ve been a few really cool collectibles popping up here and there, as well as the remade PAC-MAN World that appeared with the RE-PAC edition. But he’s not done just yet.

Bandai Namco’s mascot is returning once more here in 2023, with a LEGO set that just might be a ‘must’ for fans, collectors, and maybe even just anybody who likes awesome-looking LEGO.

The set is a big one, and mimics a tabletop version of the classic PAC-MAN arcade standup. But there’s more, as it also comes complete with a buildable mini-cabinet, as well as ghosts, and the PAC himself.

Here’s a look:

Did you know that PAC-MAN’s yellow color was actually inspired by LEGO? It’s true, and just one of the facts that the toy-maker shared today, to celebrate the upcoming crossover.

  • On May 22nd 1980, the first focus test was held for PAC-MAN, where members of the public got to see the yellow character for the first time.
  • PAC-MAN is yellow, as designer Mr. Iwatani was inspired by the iconic yellow of the LEGO brick.
  • The character shape is based on a pizza with a slice missing.
  • The game was released in Japan on June 29, 1980 – before being made available in the rest of the world.
  • A PAC-MAN cartoon hit appeared on TV screens in the 80s.
  • Buckner & Garcia released the hit single “PAC-MAN Fever”, which went as high as 9th place on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in March 1982.
  • In 1993, Billy Mitchell of Florida became the first person to ever achieve the game’s perfect score of 3,333,360 points. In order to achieve a perfect score, the player would have to clear all 256 stages without a single miss, and consume all PAC-DOTs, fruits, and ghosts (consume 4 ghosts with each POWER PELLET).
  • In recognition of PAC-MAN’s 1980 release, where it installed 293,822 arcade units within 7 years, the Guinness World Records acknowledged the game as the “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game” in the world.

Ready to catch the Fever all over again? The new set will go on sale on June 1st for LEGO VIP’s (online and in LEGO stores), and will hit for everyone on the 4th. It’s priced in at $269.99 USD.

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