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No E3? No problem for PC gamers, as the PC Gaming Show is back

Set to hit this June, the PC Gaming show will once again highlight what’s coming up for the platform. That’ll include 15 new games, and a look at AI.

I thought the PC was dead though

Often with the naysaying voices of doomsayers looming over it, the PC has nonetheless not only maintained, but thrived over the decades. And now here in 2023, the far-reaching and ubiquitous platform is truly rolling.

Not only is PC gaming itself just as popular as it’s been, but it’s actually growing into new spaces. That’s thanks to red hot platforms like Steam’s Steam Deck, and other existing and upcoming handheld PC’s.

The 2023 edition of the PC Gaming Show will no doubt get into all of that, but there’ll be more too. Yet another year without an E3 won’t do much to dampen this particular event, which will be debuting on the same day as the Xbox Showcase, June 11th.

“PC gaming overflows with interesting games,” says PC Gamer Global Editor-in-Chief Evan Lahti. “Our goal is always to lift up the broad spectrum of novel and creative work happening on PC, from major series like PUBGXCOM, and ARK to genre-advancing stuff like Valheim, which debuted on the PC Gaming Show in 2020.”

PC Gamer Global Editor-in-Chief Evan Lahti

This year’s Show will contain the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3, Dune: Awakening, Frostpunk 2, Pax Dei, plus the reveal of a fresh title from the 2D masters at Klei Entertainment. Want more? Well that’s a good thing, because there’s a lot more planned, as the event will showcase 16 completely new reveals and looks at a total of 55 titles. Then there’s the AI angle.

Artificial Intelligence will play a big part in the PC Gaming Show, as it’ll be used to “enhance the broadcast”. What’s that mean? No idea. Tune in and find out! That should be something that’s easy to do too, since last year’s PC Gaming Show reached some 4.3 million people, and was streamed across 70+ channels.

Sow with that in mind, if you do want to check out the PC Gaming Show, it shouldn’t be too tough to find a stream. Among others, you’ll be able to find it via twitch.tv/pcgameryoutube.com/pcgamertwitch.tv/twitchgaming, and Steam.

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