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Chasm: The Rift warps onto consoles, gets Steam Deck update

Already out for the PC for a while, retro shooter Chasm: The Rift has brought it’s time-bending action to consoles and the Steam Deck.

The 90s are back

If you’re an FPS fan, then chances are you’ve noticed that there are almost as many premier “retro” shooters these days as modern, original titles. It’s understandable since the form factor that evolved throughout the 90s is an iconic one, and still very much viable today.

Right in there with the mix too, is the time-traveling actioner Chasm: The Rift. A niche title from those halcyon early-ish days of the genre, the bloody and fast-paced Chasm retuned a while back for the PC, thanks to the publisher SNEG. But that was then, and now the game is ready to seriously branch out.

Today Chasm has effectively relaunched, catapulting onto consoles as well as the Steam Deck, via an update.

As you can see there, Chasm features enemy dismemberment, as well as plenty of weird monsters and mutations to battle. And that’s not mentioning the arsenal, which includes a Blade Gun. That’s uh, sure to make things a little extra saucy.

Along with all of that, Chasm also is loaded up with 4K support and an overhaul to the game’s sound. “full gamepad controls”, 12 language options, and achievements round out the package. Well, it does on consoles anyway. The PC version of it also now has mod support. So if you’re up for digging in and getting your digital hands dirty, you can get to creating some new Chasm action.

That’s something that you can do right now, as again Chasm: The Rift is out now. You can find it on the PC of course (with Steam Deck compatibility), as well as the Switch, and Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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