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Company of Heroes 3 ready to roll, hitting consoles next month

Blasting onto the console-battlefields of WWII just in time for summer is Company of Heroes 3. Sega and Relic Entertainment’s RTS hits next month.

A console first

Traditionally a PC-only affair, real-time strategy games are pretty rare on consoles. Even more rare are ones that get the formula right, and make for a smooth and fun time with a controller. How many can you think of off the top of your head?

There have only been a small number of solid entries in the genre over the decades, which stands as something of an oddity. Though, maybe check that thought, as we might be on the precipice of a new member of that rarified fraternity. That’s because Company of Heroes 3, a just-released PC RTS, looks pretty fantastic. And if you’re going to have faith in a developer, you can’t do much better than Relic.

While we found out a while ago that their latest would be coming to consoles, just when that might happen was left in the ether. Well you can scratch that mystery off of the list, as we now know you’ll be able to play this one before the summer arrives.

Sega is promising a lot with the game, so genre fans might want to take note. The special Console Edition of Company of Heroes 3 will include “custom UI” that’s presumably tailored to consoles, as well as full controller support (natch’), and “special features that allow them to play at their own pace”. What’s that mean? “Full Tactical Pause”, that’s what.

So yes, you’ll be able to pause the action, and strategize you moves. That should allow for a much better control of the battlefield, since you won’t have to worry about having lightning fast reflexes on top of situational awareness. Not an easy task without a keyboard and mouse.

Ready for war? Company of Heroes 3: Console Edition arrives on May 30th for the Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Pre-orders will kick off next week, on April 25th.

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