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A new horror arrives in Total War: Warhammer III with the Chaos Dwarfs

The fires of industry are kindled and choking clouds of smoke rise high to blot out the skies. The Chaos Dwarfs are coming to raise their dark god.

The Forge is ignited

While they’re maybe not as well known as some of the other races in Games Workshop’s Olde World, the Chaos Dwarfs are still terrifying. They’re more or less the physical embodiment of the absolute worst traits of the classic Dwarfs, but with none of the virtue.

Of course the reason for that, is that they’re twisted by the evil forces of Chaos. In particular, the will of Hashut.

The Chaos Dwarfs seek an unimaginable power to conquer the known world, the Blood of Hashut – a powerful being emblematic of fire, greed, and tyranny. To gain this, they must construct the Great Drill of Hashut to burrow through the very fabric of reality to breach its domain. This can only be done by corrupting precious relics from their ancestral enemies, the Dwarfs. But the Dwarfs hold grudges, seeking revenge for the tainting of their ancient heirlooms.

Sega press release

The latest army pack for Total War: Warhammer III, the Chaos Dwarfs will bring the likes of The Infernal Guard, Bull Centaurs, and other monstrosities to the battlefield. In addition, players will get to field a trio of new “heroes”, to lead their Chaos Dwarf forces to victory.

New characters include:

  • Astragoth Ironhand, High Priest of Hashut, is the most potent Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer-Prophet. However, his body has begun to petrify, confining him to near-living entombment within a powerful mech-suit.
  • Drazhoath the Ashen, Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut, is the Lord of the Black Fortress and commander of the fell Legion of Azgorh. Exiled by Astragoth, Drazhoath’s mastery of magic and engineering has only grown stronger, as has his thirst for revenge. 
  • Zhatan the Black is the commander of the Tower of Zharr. His unmatched battle prowess has left the hell forges struggling to keep up with his insatiable demand for weapons and munitions.

Sega press release

Look for the above to hit for Total War: Warhammer III in about a month, on April the 13th, 2023. Pre-ordering the expansion? Then you’ll get 10% off the final price tag.

Don’t forget the free update

Along with all of that, there’s also a free update coming. And as usual, it’s not just fixes and whatnot. This upcoming update will include a fresh character to add to Kislev and Imperial forces, with Ulrika Magdova.

A Legendary Hero, Magdova is something that you might not expect to find among the human forces – a vampire. She’s a bloodsucker “who excels at hybrid melee and ranged combat, as well as spellcasting from the Lore of Shadows”.

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