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Two classic fan-favorites collide in IDW’s TMNT vs Street Fighter

Here’s a tussle of the titans for the ages. IDW is bringing together the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Capcom’s Street Fighter crew.

Let’s kick shell

Are the TMNT on a crossover roll or what? Over the last few years we’ve seen the iconic NYC superhero team meet up with a number of massive IP’s including Batman, Cobra Kai, and… Street Fighter.

If you missed it, a series of action figure 2 packs featuring the World Warriors and the Heroes in a Half-shell had hit stores in 2022. But if you thought that was it for the team-up, you were wrong. Publisher IDW is taking the ball and running with it, setting up both squads for a miniseries event.

The matches will begin this May, as a five-part comic book series kicks off.

Arriving in Atlantic City to compete in a prestigious fighting tournament, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quickly run afoul of the world-famous Street Fighter™crew…and their legendary Psycho Powered fighting forms! Both eager to show off their moves and prove their mettle in combat, the two teams instantly clash, sparking a crackling rivalry that can only be resolved with fists and steel (and maybe a Hurricane Kick or two). With tensions already maxed, the pressure mounts even further as both teams find themselves embroiled in a wave of mysterious disappearances plaguing the city. Could the tournament’s mysterious benefactor be to blame?

IDW press release

So who’s betting on Shredder or M. Bison being behind this little tourney? Only writer Paul Allor knows for sure right now. Well, I guess Ariel Medel might know too… and maybe Sarah Myer too, since they’re handling the art and colors respectively.

Whatever the case, we’ll find out how this brawl for it all shakes out in May 2023 with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Street Fighter #1 (of 5). That’s going to be a big month for Capcom’s fighting game series too, since it’s the lead-in month for Street Fighter 6. The long-awaited video game is hitting Xbox and PS5, as well as the PC on June 2nd.

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