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It’s a Splatter Royale (mode) in Evil Dead: The Game

Things are about to get even more splatterific for fans of Evil Dead: The Game, with the new Splatter Royale game mode. It’s oozing now.

Splat goes the demon

Something of a cult hit, 2022’s Evil Dead: The Game has done a solid job of bringing the gory films franchise to un-life for multiplayer-minded game fans. The title brought elements from across the movies and TV shows with it, forging a set of maps and challenges that pretty much any stripe of ED fan could get into.

Some of that content came by way of DLC of course, and that’s what we have here today. The latest drop is actually a double-shot of stuff, including skins and a new character on one side, and a fresh game mode on the other.

The Immortal Power pack, which is $9.99 USD, drags those aforementioned skins and Ruby Knowby herself into the digital realm. And yes, before you ask, she’s voiced by Lucy Lawless.

As for the mode, that’s the Splatter Royale, and it’s exactly what you think it is. Splatter Royale sets players into multiplayer matches of up to 40, with everyone playing as either a Deadite version of the Survivors, or Demons. It also include a pair of new weapons with the scythe and grenade launcher. That should make things nice and messy.

Here’s a look:

  • New Survivor: Ruby Knowby
    • Ruby is voiced by the legendary Lucy Lawless, reprising her mysterious role from the STARZ series “Ash vs Evil Dead.”
    • As a Dark One, Ruby can regenerate health, increase her possession resistance, and boost the damage of her weapons. She can also consume souls to make her aura stronger and charge her unique ability, triggering a deadly blast that damages evil units within range and heals nearby Survivors.
  • Kelly “Scourge of Evil” Outfit
  • Pablo “Fish n’ Chips” Outfit
  • Ash vs Evil Dead “Party Animal” Outfit
  • Puppeteer Demon Class “King of the White Frost” Outfit

Saber Interactive press release

Finally, and on top of everything else that’s just hit, players can also pick up an added skin for free. Pablo is the recipient of “Kandarian Facelift” Outfit, which fans should remember well from the Starz show.

All of the above should be out right now for all versions of Evil Dead: The Game.

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