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Trailer: Northgard expands its viking epic with the Cross of Vidar

From the frozen north come the norsemen, fleeing the fires of Ragnarok into a new territory. Hope you’re up to guiding the clans to their new home.


In a world ravaged by doubt and lost convictions as the clans’ faith in their mighty king dwindles, new homes must be found and hope begs to be restored. Survey fresh frontiers to escape the ravaging effects of Ragnarok and follow Rig as he leads the charge, discovering strange lands harboring both hospitable and antagonistic company. March to an uncharted region, the Southern Kingdoms, home to factions unlike any our warriors have encountered. 

Shiro Unlimited press release

While the story, new multiplayer faction, and added terrain to explore might be the centerpieces of this Northgard expansion pack, there’s even more to it. Shiro Unlimited has also overhauled the “clan and faction” system. Now players can place an “unlimited number of workers on the field”. Well, as long as they have proper livability standards they can.

And in addition to that, Shiro says players will have more customization options when it comes to structures. Fresh “building evolution paths”, will reportedly lead to all new “possibilities and experiences” in both the game’s solo and multiplayer modes.

The Cross of Vidar pack is out right now, and can be added onto the base game on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the Switch and PC.

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