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The Spirit of Vengeance lives in J. Scott Campbell’s Ghost Rider #1`1 cover

Celebrating five decades of vengeance is Ghost Rider, and issue #11 of the current run will do so with a special double variant from J. Scott Campbell.

Hellfire and brimstone

Ghost Rider might not be quite the force that the character was back in the 90s, but the old flame-head is still around nonetheless. And actually, he’s celebrating a birthday this year.

The supernatural hero has seen a terrific new Marvel Legends figure debut, complete with retro card, and also a fresh comic series. That book is about to hit #11, and when it does it’ll be in celebratory style.

This last year marked the 50th anniversary of the iconic horror hero Ghost Rider! The character’s milestone year saw the launch of a brand-new ongoing series by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Cory Smith. This hit run has brought Ghost Rider back to his flaming-skulled basics with the return of original Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze as he journeys across the dark roads of the Marvel Universe to confront its monsters and his own demons. Having already crossed paths with Blackheart, Talia Warroad, and new villain Exhaust, the title will continue to highlight the character’s legacy and blaze a bold new future with the return of Danny Ketch!

Marvel Comics press release

Can you ask for more than a Ghost Rider book with both Blaze and Ketch? I say thee nay. Well, maybe you could ask for a J. Scott Campbell cover (or two) to mark the occasion. And of course, that’s exactly what you see above, with a modern and retro-colored variant of the issue, both from the artist.

Personally, I’m partial to that retro shaded, classic look. Even though the modern one is pretty great, the variant of the variant kind of just screams ‘comics’. At least, it does for a fan who remembers when all books looked like that.

In any event, the issue marks yet another special cover for Campbell, who’s been rampaging through the Marvel U this past year. From writer Benjamin Percy and with art by Dave Wachter, you can look for Ghost Rider #11 on the racks this coming February the 8th.

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