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Retro shooter Turbo Overkill’s 2nd episode is revved up and ready for action

Lightning fast and aimed at recreating the FPS’ of yore, albeit with a modern flair, Turbo Overkill’s second episode is live now on Steam.


Have you played Turbo Overkill? If you haven’t, you might want to check out our review of the first installment of the game, which is still in Steam’s Early Access section as of today. Unlike when we reviewed that episode though, part 2 of the game is also out now, beefing up what was already an impressive retro-shooter.

Turbo Overkilll Episode 2 brings a bunch of new weaponry, as well as a grappling hook (natch’), and a chainsaw bike. Yes, a chainsaw bike. To match main character Johnny Turbo’s chainsaw leg.

Check it out in action:

Witness the gripping, gibtastic second act of Turbo Overkill’s cyberpunk revenge story as the city of Paradise burns around Johnny Turbo. Picking up right from Episode 1’s cliffhanger ending, Episode 2 sees Johnny taking the fight straight to Syn, an omnipotent AI laying siege to the world.

The hunt continues across eight new campaign levels, but armaments new and old can level the playing field. Eviscerate your way across a massive section of Paradise on your new Chainsaw Bike. Swing between towering, neon-lit skyscrapers with the new Grappling Hook. Rev up Johnny’s iconic chainsaw leg, which allows for visceral melee damage at high speeds, with new upgrades at vending machines and Splice stations throughout the city.

To slay thousands of Syn’s minions, Johnny needs to walk harshly and carry several big sticks. Call down actual orbital strikes with the Ion Blaster and take aim with the Telefragger sniper rifle, which teleports Johnny inside enemies, exploding them from within. Barbecue ‘em with the Plasma Gun’s “unreal” stream of orbs and microwaving beam. Unleash Turbo Time, Johnny’s ultimate power and the next evolution of Bullet Time, to move and shoot faster than enemies can blink.

Apogee press release

Turbo Overkill Episode 2 is out now via Steam Early Access.

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