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Hot Toys’ new figure of The Bad Batch’s Echo gets unboxed in new look

The Bad Batch is coming to Hot Toys. With Echo set to ship out very soon, Sideshow Toys has pumped out a detailed unboxing of the trooper.

He’s a ‘borg, not a Borg

Born in the wake of torture most foul by the Trade Federation, the now-former Clone Trooper called Echo has ended up with the Bad Batch. A rowdy and rogue group of Clones, the team has become a big part of the Star Wars animated universe, leading the way against a fledgling Empire in their own show on Disney+.

There’ve already been figures (and more) forged with the likenesses of the characters from the show, but the newest comes straight from Hot Toys. So of course, it’s also probably the coolest.

If you somehow don’t know, Hot Toys is a bit of a toy-legend, producing some of the most highly-detailed and well made 12″ scale figures around. Echo here is no exception to that.

As usual with animated Star Wars offerings though, Hot Toys has made Echo as realistic as possible. So the stylized look of the show is gone, and in its place fans will find a Clone portrait that’s startlingly prequel-accurate.

Based on his appearance in Star Wars: The Bad Batch™, the Echo 1/6 Scale Figure Set by Hot Toys features a carefully crafted headsculpt and comes with a weathered helmet, cybernetic details, and articulated robotic legs. The figure is clad in detailed, weathered armor painted with Bad Batch markings and a special signet, plus a tailored fabric undersuit.

Echo comes with a variety of cybernetic arm attachments including a grasper arm, a jackhammer arm, and a computer interface arm. Other accessories include a blaster pistol and a military backpack.

Sideshow Toys press release

Echo is set to ship out this very month (October 2022), and is priced in at $285 USD from Hot Toys’ retail partners at Sideshow. The figure is still somehow up for pre-order as well, which you can secure for yourself here.

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