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Plumb the depths of strangeness in Dredge

A fishing game? Kinda. While hauling in catches is. important in Dredge, it’s the long-lost relics that opens up more… mysterious happenings.

The mysterious deep

When it comes to horror, the depths of the sea have provided plentiful fodder. That’s true whether you’re talking about cosmic, Lovecraft-style stuff, or just. plain old Kaiju. From the looks of Dredge, you might get a little of both. Well, that and a fishing game. That too.

Team17 and Black Salt Games’ waterlogged title is every bit that. The need to work the ocean and catch fish is right there are the front in this upcoming title. But it’s what you’ll find while you’re doing that job, that will open up some of the creepier elements at play.

In DREDGE, players will step into the boots of a down-on-their luck fisherman and explore a collection of remote isles while scouring the surrounding depths for a variety of fish and valuable deep-sea curios. Once their trawler is full, they can sell their haul to the peculiar locals while completing quests and unravelling more about each area. They can also reinforce their vessel, skills, and knowledge to dredge deeper and reach more secluded lands.   

Beginning in their new home in the remote islands of ‘The Marrows’, players will be able to investigate each inlet while completing tasks for the yesteryear locals and taking trips to neighbouring regions – each with their own unique fish to find, inhabitants to meet, and secrets to uncover.  

Team17 press release

Dredge is scheduled for release some time in 2023 for consoles and the PC.

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