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Vigilante vampires? Marvel’s latest stab at horror brings a team of heroic bloodsuckers to unlife

Just when you think that every theme has been thoroughly explored by comic books, along comes Marvel’s horror-tinged Unforgiven Saga.

Blood and justice

So this one’s kind of interesting. Yes, it’s another Marvel Comics ‘event’, but it’s also something a little different, and bringing an actual (hopefully) horror theme back to the Marvel U. You don’t see that too often, and the Unforgiven Saga has some potential.

Before we get to Unforgiven though, let’s talk The Forgiven. I can’t say I’m familiar with the superhero team in the slightest, but according to Marvel The Forgiven is a team of heroic vamps.

Cover by Kyle Hotz

The Unforgiven Saga features these characters, as they try to defeat a new threat, one who seeks to turn vampires into weapons.

Who can resist the call of the blood? A group of vigilante vampires have decided to fight crime — while at the same time, wage a desperate war within themselves to reject their own bloodthirsty natures! The Forgiven’s new saga will kick off in SPIDER-MAN: UNFORGIVEN #1 where the team will confront a new foe with a desire to transform vampires into their most powerful and violent selves. The storyline will then continue with more high-stakes vampire drama in X-MEN: UNFORGIVEN #1 and AVENGERS: UNFORGIVEN #1. This epic struggle for the souls of the soulless will make readers rethink the place these creatures of the night have in the Marvel Universe!

Marvel Comics press release

As you can see, the Unforgiven Saga has some special guest stars as well, and they’re definitely not vampires. Spider-Man is up front for the first of the planned crossover issues, but from there we also get the X-Men and Avengers. So yeah, there’s a whole lotta star-power boosting this one. Will it garner The Forgiven a place in the hearts of fans? We’ll see.

From Tim Seeley and with art by Sid Kotian, Unforgiven: Spider-Man #1 kicks off the 3-part event some time in 2023.

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