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Trailer: NIS announces Raiden IV x MIKADO, plus special edition

Publisher NIS has unleashed news of a brand new shooter with Raiden IV x MIKADO. The mashup has a first-look and will be out in early 2023.

MIKADO about shooters

Buckle up and blast off with Raiden IV x MIKADO remix!
This classic arcade shoot ‘em up comes fully equipped with new music, battle modes, vertical screen play, and more!

NIS press release

Now, because you might be wondering, Raiden IV is definitely nothing new at its core. The game first released way back in 2007 after all. But what NIS has done here is to remix the popular shooter, adding in brand new modes, “play styles”, levels, and more.

It sounds like, even if you’ve played the original, there should be plenty here to get you back into the action. This new revision will also mark the series’ first installment on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC.

And as mentioned, there will be special and collector’s editions coming right along with the base version. You can check those out here, along with a bit more info about the game.

Raiden IV x MIKADO is set to release some time in early 2023.

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