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New Spider-Man and X-Men Retro Marvel Legends up for pre-order

Announced at SDCC last weekend, a pair of new retro-carded Marvel Legends are up for pre-order. You can grab Scorpion and Beast now.

It’s the 90s!

Is there anything better than Hasbro’s retro-carded figures? Not to legacy fans, since the figures bring back the most iconic looks for not only the figures, but also the packaging. The cards for the Spider-Man and X-Men figures look like you could have found ’em on the pegs back in 1991. So no matter if you’re an in-box collector or not, chances are you’re gonna dig ’em.

And this past weekend saw the reveal of a few more pieces of this neat sub-line. Hasbro took the wraps off of both the X-Men’s Beast and Spider-Man villain Scorpion. Both characters will have the full retro treatment, with Beast sporting his lab attire, often seen in 90s X-books, and Scorpion decked out in his classic look (with a bendy tail!).

Scorpion is priced in at $24.99 USD, and is set to ship in October. Beast is a bit more, likely due to the extra parts and accessories, and is priced at $33.99 USD. He’s set to ship in January, 2023. Maybe.

If you’re an action figure collector, then you’re well aware that ship-dates have become more than a little malleable. Mostly due to the shipping nightmare that’s snared the entire world since the days of the lockdown, shipping remains a bit of a mess. So your guess is as good as ours whether or not these two actually hit those dates or ship much sooner.

Either way, if you’d like to pre-order, hit those links above to grab ’em from our sponsors at Entertainment Earth.

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