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SDCC 22: Find out what it’s like to adapt Neil Gaiman’s work in tomorrow’s panel

What’s it like to adapt the work of a comic book legend? There’s a cool one tomorrow, that goes behind the scenes on Neil Gaiman’s The Grave of St. Oran.

Murder on the isle of Iona

So, first, The Grave of St. Oran sounds pretty interesting. A short film from director Jim Batt, the movie tells the tale of a murder between… saints. Yeah, it’s a crazy one. But then again, it’s from Nail Gaiman, so that’s to be expected.

The Grave of Saint Oran is a short stopmotion animation, beautifully illustrated with paper cutouts meticulously hand animated frame by frame. Based on a mix of legend and history of the small Scottish island of Iona, the film weaves a path back and forth between the real and the imagined, through time, history, and our eternal efforts to grasp at the deeper mysteries of the unknown. It tells the tale of two saints who sail to the island of Iona, and attempt to build a chapel. However, things don’t go smoothly and the ritual murder of one saint by the other begins a chain of events that brings into question everything they believe in.

The Grave of St. Oran press release

Now that you know what it is, and what it’s about, you might want to check out the panel. All about the adaptation of the work, tomorrow’s Comic Con panel will dive into working with and adapting Gaiman with a “backstage view”.

Scroll down for the full rundown.

  • San Diego Comic Con Panel: ADAPTING NEIL GAIMAN’S WORK (a backstage view)
    • SATURDAY 7/23/22  — ROOM 28 DE — 7:00PM – 8:00PM 
    • Panelists: Cat Mihos (writer Lore of the Havamal & VP of Gaiman’s Blank Corp production company)David Mack (award winning cover artist, creator of Kabuki) Jim Batt (two-time Emmy nominated stopmotion film director)  Josh Mahan (award-winning animator of The Grave of Saint Oran, Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, and many more)Panelists discuss the challenges and rewards of adapting Neil Gaiman’s work. They will show two short films, Jim Batt’s The Grave of Saint Oran and Jude Gerard Prest’s We Can Get Them For You Wholesale. They will be taking questions! 

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