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SDCC 22: Hasbro set to debut D&D figure line, “Selfie Series” custom figures and more

Hasbro is impressing with its SDCC announcements, and it’s not even show time. Dungeons & Dragons, the Selfie Series and more will appear.

It’s you, but more plastic… y

So for those who’ve been paying attention, this isn’t going to come as much of a surprise. After all, the Selfie Series actually was leaked a while ago. And even though Hasbro didn’t confirm it, it looked legit, and now we know that it was/is.

Whatever the intro that it got, the Selfie Series is a definite first for the industry. It’s basically a mass-market custom action figure series, that will allow fans to put their own heads on a series of bodies spread out across licenses like GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, and more.

And yes, these look to be actual action figures, from Hasbro’s standard 6″ lines. They’re not cheap looking at all, at least from the preview imagery that we’ve seen on social media.

Pricing and more hasn’t been revealed yet, though we do know that you’ll need the mobile app to get in on the fun. Presumably that’s due to the fact that you’ll need your mobile’s camera to take some pics of your face/noggin. All that said however, you can get an early taste of what’s to come if you’re attending Comic Con next week.

The Hasbro booth (#3213) will be the place for “a select number of fans” to get early orders in. Those interested will have to hit the Hasbro Pulse Info Desk for a ticket, then head back to the booth again at a select time to get the whole process started.

If you do place an order at the Con, just be aware that your figure won’t actually ship til fall. That’s also when the program will become active for all fans.

I was slain by an elf

Maybe not quite as cool as the custom figure, but neat enough nonetheless, is that the first dedicated Dungeons & Dragons line in ages will be appearing at the Con. While we don’t know exactly what the line will include as of yet, we will once the show opens.

Hasbro will have figures on hand for fans to gaze at, even though the series won’t debut for (presumably) another year. Why’s that? Well, it’s actually a movie-centric line. That’s right, the action figures will be based on the upcoming film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

That opens in theaters in March 2023, so yeah it’s gonna be a while before we see these new toys hit shelves. There’s also no word just yet on whether we might see any expansion past the movie to the line. These won’t be a follow-up to that cool Drizzt set from a few years back, and it’d still be great to see that turn into something as well.

All that and plenty more

Along with the above, fans can expect Transformers, Magic: The Gathering, NERF, G.I. JOE, Power Rangers, Star Wars, and Marvel to all be in attendance as well.

And while there won’t be a Marvel exclusive on hand this year, there will be a show-specific Boba Fett figure to be had, as well as an awesome Dr. Mindbender set (from GI Joe). That one in particular is something special, and will be available ‘in limited quantities’ on Hasbro Pulse after the show.

Speaking of Pulse, if you have anything that you’ve had your eye on, you might want to wait just a bit longer before you bite. Hasbro has announced that all purchases made July 20 – August 31 will be a part of Buy One, Give One, to benefit Save the Children

That’s a program in which Hasbro will gift one toy for every item purchased on Pulse. Ukrainian refugees will be the recipients, with up to 100,000 toys and games given away during the promotion.

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