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A relaxing trip to a spiritual retreat turns into all-out terror in The Chant

Taking a nice relaxing weekend at a spiritual retreat might sound lovely, but things don’t exactly go according to plan in Brass Token’s The Chant.


If you like way-out horror and cosmic terror, this one’s for you. In The Chant, players head to the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat, an island-based happening that promises to take visitors from gloom to glory. As with any good horror story though, things don’t go that way.

The game marries both 70s horror and New Age spirituality, according to Mike Skupa, Creative Director at developer Brass Token. And from the look of the trailer, it does it extremely well.

Welcome to the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat located on remote Glory Island. Discard your baggage from the past and transform your Gloom to Glory.

When a ritualistic chant on Glory Island goes wrong, a visiting group’s negative energy unleashes a dimension of cosmic terror called the Gloom. To survive the Gloom, you must uncover a cultish mystery spanning both past and present, as the other group members slowly go mad from a host of parasitic creatures.

These horrors prey on your own fears, and can be fatal unless you carefully balance your mind, body, and spirit. Choose to flee or fight with an assortment of spiritual weapons and abilities that lock away the Gloom and escape from Glory Island.

Prime Matter press release

This is the first full-length look at The Chant, which is scheduled to release later this year. You can expect to see the final game appear on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC.

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