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Marvel legend Ann Nocenti returns to X-Men for a Legend-ary Longshot tale

All over the publisher’s line in the 80s and 90s, Ann Nocenti is back in the Marvel fold. Well, she is for at least one issue of X-Men Legends anyway.


Legendary Marvel Comics scribe Ann Nocenti is back at Marvel! To a degree. While the announcement of an ongoing X-series with the writer at the helm would be a welcome sight for lifelong Marvel fans, that’s not quite what Marvel has announced.

Instead, the publisher has revealed that Nocenti will be penning two issues of X-Men Legends. The arc will play upon her past work, diving back into the insanity of Mojoworld for a story that picks up right for the close of 1985’s Longshot mini-series.

If you remember that book, then you know that Art Adams provided the pencils for it. He’s not back alongside Nocenti for this mini-run, but Javier Pina is, and you might know his work from

Cover art from Giuseppe Camuncoli

Longshot’s adventure on Earth may be over, but before he can continue his mission, he’s pulled into Mojoworld for a multipicture deal he simply can’t refuse. And when Wolverine and Shadowcat investigate the mysterious psionic disturbance, will they be able to escape the pull of Mojoworld before things SPIRAL out of control?

“It’s been a blast to play in the Mojoverse again,” Nocenti said. “The zany world of Longshot, created with Arthur Adams back when we were both just ‘kids,’ is now being drawn by spectacular artist Javier Pina, and let’s just say it is a joyful experience to watch Javier nail these characters perfectly. Along with editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner, we’re jamming away in MOLLYWOOD, Mojo’s Movie studio, where Mojo, Spiral and Major Domo are making a genre mashup masterpiece as only Mojo can imagine, designed, of course, to mess with Longshot. The madcap crew has also gotten their hands on some X-MEN — Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and her faithful dragon Lockheed, all dragged in to star in the film. The big question is — who will win the Mojo Award for Best Death?”

Marvel Comics press release

X-Men Legends #3 hits stands on July 27th.

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