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Justice League Incarnate #2 brings the horrors of Earth-13 to life tomorrow

A world of perpetual twilight? It’s not gonna be pretty, but that’s where the multiversal heroes of the Justice League Incarnate find themselves.

Twilight, but without glitter

If you’ve been following along with DC’s Justice League Incarnate, then you know it’s been a wild ride for what’s a multiverse edition of the familiar team. On it are heroes like the Calvin Ellis version of Superman, The Flashpoint universe’s Batman, and… Captain Carrot.

They’ve been universe-hopping, and seeing some wild sights, but the one they’ll find themselves in tomorrow brings a little horror into the mix. That’s because on Earth-13, terror reigns, and this blackened planet is home to monsters of all shapes and sizes.

As Darkseid’s quest leaves a bloody trail across the MultiversE, the Justice League Incarnate ventures to the dark world of horror known as Earth-13. They must enlist the aid of Super-Demon and his League of Shadows against not only Darkseid but also the evil power couple of Asmodel and the Sheeda Queen! While on Earth-11, the Batwoman Who Laughs begins her schemes.

DC Comics

The new issue will find half of the JLI teaming with Hellblazer, while the other half contends with Kalibak and Grail. I’m sure they can handle it.

Justice League Incarnate #2 (of 5) lands on the racks tomorrow.

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