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Mothmen 1966 ties together visual novels, adventure pulp, and 7′ tall moths

West Virginia’s Mothman event plays out as the backstory for a very interesting looking indie “Pixel Pulp” title from LCB Game Studio.

The mothman cometh

How familiar are you with the Mothman events of 1966/67? If you aren’t, well it’s a bit complicated. To put it in a nutshell for you though, people in West Virginia reported seeing a 7′ tall, 10-15′ wing-spanned, red-eyed… thing, taking flight over their towns.

The reports made the news at the time, and were accompanied by some serious high strangeness (look that up). In the end there was no clear answer for what happened, though it was made into a hit book, and a motion picture. Also, while no one seems to talk much about it anymore, reports of similar sightings are actually still tallied the world over.

Well now Mothman can add one more piece to its resume, in the form of a video game. And much like the beast it’s based on, it’s anything but your run of the mill title.

Crafted by LCB Game Studio, and from publisher Chorus Worldwide, Mothmen 1966 is “Pixel Pulp”. That’s a brand new genre, coined by the devs, that melds classic pulp fiction (not the movie) with visual novels, and combines it with an ’80s PC game aesthetic.

The result is a pretty darn good-looking game.

In Mothmen 1966, you follow Lee, a college student taking his girlfriend on a seemingly perfect date to watch that evening’s once in a lifetime meteor shower. At Holt’s gas station, the spot of all spots to take in the wonders of the night’s sky, Lee meets Lou Hill, and his life is forever changed. Lou is a writer investigating the potential link between the meteor showers, and the quite impossible but utterly captivating reports of sightings of human-sized winged creatures with glowing red eyes, known locally as the “Mothmen”.

In this frenetic, visually stunning interactive story, you will attempt to uncover the truth about a real-life legend, one that continues to baffle true crime and horror fans worldwide. Developed by novelist Nico Saraintaris and artist Fernando Martinez Ruppel, Mothmen 1966 is the first of three Pixel Pulps releasing in 2022. Further details on these exciting titles will be announced next year, in the meantime wishlist Mothmen 1966 on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1755030/Mothmen_1966/

LCB Game Studio

Mothman 1966 is the first in what’s a planned trilogy of Pixel Pulps. Watch for it to kickstart the series on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, and Mac some time next year.

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