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Trailer: Set sail in the new roguelite RPG Maritime Calling next month

The high-seas be beckonin’ ye landlubber, and it be time to set sail. The new roguelite RPG Maritime Calling from Tiamat Games is set to sail next month.

Don’t get seasick

In Maritime Calling, captains must utilize special masteries and skills to ensure the ship is properly maintained at all times — even if that means ordering members of the crew to take on dangerous and decidedly un-glamorous tasks. Captains must ensure that the right sailor is assigned the right task, so players will need to assess the skills of their crewmates to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses. A crewmate that’s adept at navigation probably should not be on the front lines of a battle as their death could mean that the ship becomes lost at sea forever.

Everyone aboard relies on the captain to steer the ship clear of environmental hazards, while simultaneously preparing for unexpected attacks from rival nations. While life on the high seas can sometimes lead to a watery end, procedurally generated maps mean no two excursions are the same, keeping the experience fresh as the cold sea air. Mastery of the helm, however, will lead to newly-discovered islands with specialized quests that will lead to rewards like forgotten treasures!

Tiamat Games

Maritime Calling sets sail for the PC, via Steam’s Early Access program, on September 28th.

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