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New Captain Marvel saga and classic tales both on the way

One of the series of characters to hold the Captain Marvel title, Genis-Vell is back in a new Marvel Tales collected edition, and a brand new story.


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Genis-Vell in the comics, but he’s set to return as a part of the new The Last of the Marvels story arc. If you’re unaware of that, it’s an upcoming tale, that will see a villain on the hunt for anyone who’s held the title of Captain Marvel.

But before we get to that, Genis-Vell has a whole collected edition to himself on the way as well. And that comes in the form of the Marvel Tales series, with Genis-Vell: Marvel Tales #1.

The book will be loaded up with the first issues of the series that brought Genis-Vell back to prominence in the Marvel U, Peter David and Chriscross’ 2K’s era book.

Meet the son of the greatest warrior the galaxy has ever known! Spawned in a test tube, Genis-Vell now struggles to fill the boots of his late father Mar-Vell — the original Kree Captain Marvel! Genis has inherited Mar-Vell’s greatest gift, cosmic awareness — which might be enough to make him go mad, if he didn’t have Rick Jones along for the ride. But sharing a body, and switching places back and forth from the Negative Zone, might drive them both crazy! Get ready for Peter David and Chriscross’ hilarious saga featuring the Hulk, Wendigo, Moondragon…and Rick’s estranged wife, Marlo!

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Genis-Vell: Marvel Tales #1 hits stores this November.

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