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Liefeld returning to X-Force for 30th anniversary issue

Believe it or not, it’s been three decades since X-Force burst onto the scene. Rob Liefeld was there at the beginning, and returns once again for the occasion.


When it comes to comic books, there has never again been anything like the 1990s. The decade saw comics absolutely explode, with gimmicks galore, major events, and lots and lots of spinoffs.

X-Force was one of those, debuting in 1991. The team coalesced in the pages of New Mutants, which was on the way out, before getting its own monthly. That was with creator Rob Liefeld, who was one of the biggest talents Marvel Comics had at the time. Yes, regardless of what you might think now, he was mega-popular.

It’s easy to see why, since his art style is big and bombastic, and is over-the-top ‘comic-booky’ in just the right ways. It was fun as hell then, and it’s still fun as hell now.

Cover by Rob Liefeld

And to commemorate the event that was X-Force #1, Liefeld is returning to Marvel for X-Force: Killshot. A one-shot issue, Killshot features Cable in his 90s prime, along with an all-star team of X-Force’s, on a mission to take out Stryfe.

The special one-shot will feature an explosive adventure starring Cable and his mighty militant mutant squad, taking readers back to the beloved 90s heyday of the X-Men franchise. Cable and his counterparts will assemble five separate X-Force squadrons – from various points in time – to converge on Asteroid S for an all-out assault to defeat Stryfe once and for all.

“X-Force was a huge gamble that paid off big for Marvel, paid off big for retailers and it changed my life forever.” Liefeld states, reflecting on the impact and legacy of the title. “I’m thrilled and honored to share Killshot with everyone. Thirty years in the making, I intend to make every page a huge kick for fans new and old.”

Marvel Comics

Killshot is scheduled to hit stands this coming November.

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