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Marvel’s Avengers kicks off Cosmic Cube mission

Beginning today is another new mission in Square Enix’ Avengers game, and this one introduces a cosmic-level threat. The Cosmic Cube has arrived.

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While Marvel’s Avengers didn’t have the best reception, and continues to somewhat struggle in terms of sales, it keeps on chugging nonetheless. The game has had a number of expansions continuing its storyline. And that’s including the recent play off of the classic Future Imperfect Hulk-arc.

And it’s from that event, that the game flows into Cosmic Cube. The new Villain Sector finds the legendary and unique Marvel Comics artifact (no, it’s not an Infinity Stone) in the hands of AIM. And if you think that the Scientist Supreme having the Cube is a good thing, well you’ve got another thing coming.

During the events of Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect, the Avengers uncovered the threat of a nefarious new weapons project being undertaken by AIM and Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini: The Cosmic Cube. First appearing in Tales of Suspense #79 in July 1966, this incredibly powerful item is capable of controlling matter and energy in the universe on an unknown scale. And now, it lies in the hands of the mad genius mastermind of Advanced Idea Mechanics.

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Aside from the Villain Sector, there’s also a Cosmic Threat Event to be played. Available on the 24th of this month and running through July 8th, the new event will have the Avengers traveling the globe to find Cosmic energy trails caused by the Cube. Completing missions and challenges there will net you “a unique animated nameplate, gear, and other valuable rewards”.

The Cosmic Cube not only continues the story of Future Imperfect, but also sets the stage for the next Avengers event. That, of course, is Black Panther – War for Wakanda. Watch for that in August.

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