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Mondo goes Mecha with new Marvel figures

Mondo has been quietly making some awesome figures in recent years, and they’re now set to take the Marvel license in a brand new direction.


So this one’s pretty unique, as far as Marvel Comics-licensed action figures go. Of course, that might be a foregone conclusion, given the fact that we’re talking about Mondo.

A company that’s been historically known for tees and poster art, Mondo has pivoted into the world of action figures. And not just any action figures, but fairly high-end ones. Those have included Masters of the Universe, and Batman: The Animated Series, but now includes Marvel Comics heroes.

Arguably Marvel’s biggest and best-loved hero, Mondo is taking the old web-head and plunking him into a massive mech-suit. Yes, you read that right. It’s Pacific Rim meets superheroes with Marvel Mecha.

The series has been in the works for three years, and is kicking off with a pair of Spidey-themed figures. Those, of course, feature Spider-Man’s iconic red and blue webs and almost as iconic black and white suit.

Late in the early 23rd Century mankind took its first real steps onto the galactic stage. A new Plasma Engine technology had made the exploration of the furthermost limits of the Milky Way achievable within an incredibly short amount of time. And explore they did. Within the span of just two generations humankind would call hundreds of planets home. To protect all of these new expeditions, the Governments of Earth created an elite space fighting force known as MECHA where only the best of the best are given the opportunity to pilot the most incredible force in the galaxy. But in those outer reaches of space, an unknown terror was emerging. Merchant vessels and military ships alike were found abandoned or, even worse, with no survivors throughout the galaxy in a rapidly accelerating pattern. Across all known space the Mecha are on high alert but without concrete evidence of what they should be looking for very little has been done to protect the space travelers. That is about to change…


Toys with a tale

Each figure in the series will include not just the large scale 10″ tall figure, but also a manga starring that title hero. It’s there that the brand new story that you see above will play out. The books are from Mondo’s Tim Wiesh, who isn’t just the writer of the individual manga, but also developed the general storyline for the toys.

The figure line is set to tentatively launch this July, which is when Spider-Man’s pair of Mecha are listed for shipping. After Spidey, you can expect to see the likes of Captain America and Black Panther join in on the kaiju-smashing fun.

Spider-Man in his red and blue ‘bot is priced in at $160 USD, while the black and white version is $170 USD. Be aware too, that if you want the symbiote suit, you might want to act fast. That version is a limited edition.

Click here to check ’em out.

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