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Trailer: Iron Harvest unleashes Civil War with Rusviet Revolution DLC

The newest content for RTS Iron Harvest is an impressive looking expansion that throws the Rusviets into all-out Civil War.

Of course, it’s Rasputin

Over 100 years ago the real Russian revolution came to a halt when the red forces won the final battle at the Krim. However, in the alternate history of Iron Harvest, the world did not see this kind of revolution – until now. Today marks the day the Rusviet people will rise up against the Tsar. Players will follow an additional storyline over the course of four new single player campaign maps that shed some light on the mysterious Rasputin and his machinations. 

Deep Silver

Iron Harvest is out now, exclusively on the PC. The DLC is free to those who’ve previously backed the game on Kickstarter or own the Deluxe Edition of the baes title. Anyone else can pick up the pack separately as of today, for $3.99 USD.

We reviewed Iron Harvest upon release here, and tagged it with an 85%, saying:

Are you a classic RTS fan? Are you into the straightforward play that the genre used to revel in? Would you like that with a side-order of new ideas, like the ability to pick up and use your foes weapons? Well add some excellent graphics, awesome music, and a kick-butt story, and you’ve got Iron Harvest.

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