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Transformers Studio Series adds Starscream for next summer

The Bumblebee movie keeps on giving to Transformers fans, this time with Starscream as he was seen in the “Cybertron Falls” opening scene.

Megatron? Is that you?

No, it’s Starscream, and a massively improved Starscream too. Gone is the flying nacho that we saw in the original Michael Bay-directed Transformers films, and in its place is a way more faithful translation of the G1 design. Just announced by Hasbro, this new action figure of the jealous and petty second-fiddle to Megatron comes to fans by way of the Bumblebee movie.

In-particular, he’s from the opening scene in that film. You remember the one, the incredible fall of Cybertron moment, when the planet was lost to the Decepticons and the Autobots made their escape into space. Most fans seem to mistake Blitzwing for Starscream from the teasers for the movie.

So it was with some disappointment that he ended up only being in a few moments of the finished product. Nevertheless, the design stands, and now you can add it to your Transformers shelf.

Number 72 in the Voyager series of figures, Starscream comes complete with his Null Ray (yeah, seems like just one), and turns into his tetra-jet mode in 31 steps. Remember, this is the Cybertron version of the character, so his alt-mode is a Cybertronian too.

The figure is up for pre-order right now via our pals at Entertainment Earth (and other online storefronts), and is set to ship in July 2021. You can click here to check out the listing on EE, and if you do pre-order him BG will receive a small commission from your eventual purchase.

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