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Second Atari Lynx collection announced for Evercade

What’ll be the second Atari Lynx collection has been announced for the Evercade. Yes, it’ll include the console’s classic version of California Games.

Fun in the sun

Remember the Lynx? Atari’s first and only portable console (no, the revamp doesn’t count as different) was actually petty great when it arrived in 1989. That was right alongside the Nintendo Gameboy, you might note. So even though it was pretty much the superior console, the Lynx was crushed under Nintendo’s mighty treads.

But now it’s going to be available for a whole new audience, thanks to the retro-tastic Evercade. The upcoming handheld will offer a whole mess of retro games right at launch, spread out across 11 collected editions.

That includes what’ll now be 2 Atari Lynx carts, the latest of which will be packed with 8 games including California Games. A fan favorite and niche classic, CG was packed-in with the Lynx console. It had what basically amounted to a bunch of games, including BMX biking, skateboarding, and hacky sack.

According to Evercade, California Games and the rest of what’s on collection 2 are all pretty hard to find at present. So with that, this new set of games should be a solid addition to Evercade’s lineup.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. California Games
  2. Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld
  3. Electro Cop
  4. Gates of Zendocon
  5. Zarlor Mercenary
  6. Blue Lightning
  7. Chips Challenge
  8. Checkered Flag

Evercade is set to hit retail this month, on May 22nd. Atari Lynx Collection 2 is slated to arrive some time in late summer.

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