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Intellivision Amico goes back up for pre-order tomorrow

If you missed out on the first round of pre-orders, wave 2 is hitting tomorrow, complete with all three flavors of Intellivision’s new Amico.

One more chance

We’ve got a total of three new consoles hitting retail this year. Yeah, I know, we might see some delays thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but play along for right now.

The Xbox Series X is coming up, as is the PS5. Both of those are hugely anticipated systems for fans who want the latest and greatest. But there is a third option as well, in the Intellivision Amico.

The Amico differs greatly from the previously mentioned, as it focuses on classically-styled games that have a retro feel, and actual retro games. It’ll be a fully self-contained experience, with a digital storefront to buy your titles from. It’s also fairly innovative, as the Amico will have two system-mountable controllers that operate with touchscreens.

Not too long ago, you could have pre-ordered a console for yourself, with a $100 USD (refundable) deposit. While that first round dried up, the company has opted to do another series.

So starting tomorrow, you’ll once again be able to secure your Amico. The same deal as before goes this time, complete with $100 deposit and all three versions of the console being posted for purchase.

All together, the set includes:

  • An Amico console, two controllers, and six pack-in games
  • A $25 RFID Amico digital game store gift card
  • A 25% off online merchandise store discount code
  • A 3D lenticular Running Man trading card signed by Tommy Tallarico
  • Three digital soundtrack albums including “Earthworm Jim Anthology”

Want to pre-order? The sale starts at 10am pacific time tomorrow, March 31st. Click here to check it out.

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  1. Remember the time when we thought the Amico was going to be beautiful pixel art and instead we got mobile titles, a pong machine?

  2. You know, I’m trying to stay positive here 😉

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