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Shadowman bringing fresh horror to the Valiant Universe

He’s back. Shadowman will be getting a new series this year. It’s a book that both is seemingly self-contained, and will have a serious reach.

The shadows fall again

One of the most unique heroes of the Valiant U, Shadowman is grim, and pretty gory too for that matter. That’s not something that you see in very many Valiant titles. Oh yeah, it’s also horror themed. And that’s definitely something that you don’t see coming out of the publisher much.

Shadowman is set to bring its particular brand of terror back to Valiant from the pen of writer Cullen Bunn and artist Jon-Davis Hunt. The book sounds like it’ll be fairly self-contained, with standalone tales continued to separate issues.

But don’t get the picture that this’ll be an island unto itself. As Bunn describes, there’s also something bubbling under the surface. And it’s something that’ll have a pretty far reach, where the rest of the Valiant U is concerned.

“We’re taking Shadowman in some directions he’s never been taken before,” said Cullen. “He’s confronting a growing supernatural threat that is popping up all over the world. We are introducing the concept of the Blight, which is a weakening of the veil between our world and the Deadside. And these Blights occur in places of great sorrow and misery and evil.” Cullen also teased a new threat that will have a major impact beyond this series. “We’re also introducing a new villain who will be changing the face of the supernatural in the Valiant Universe.”

“If you like horror, or action, or superheroes (and certainly if you like all three of those things), then this is definitely the book for you,” stated Jon. “If you don’t like any of those things, then this book will change your mind. And did I mention the demon punching? Demons get punched. A lot.”


Mark your calendars, Shadowman #1 is set to arrive on the stands on May 20th.

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