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New trailer unites Marvel’s Powers and House of X

There’s a big change coming to Marvel Comics X-Men books in the form of Jonathan Hickman. See some of what’s on the horizon in this new trailer.

X is next

I was probably more enthused about what writer Jonathan Hickman had in store for Marvel’s X-Men before he called the team’s history a mess. But even with that unfortunate comment, this is still worth taking note of. And it’s probably worth getting moderately excited for too.

After all, the X-Men have been treated like second class citizens at Marvel for years now, but are finally coming back to the forefront of the company. That’s great news for long time fans, and something that probably also holds some repercussions for the Marvel U in general.

To both ends, come Hickman’s Powers of X and House of X. The two limited series’ will set the stage for the new X paradigm going forward, and will run their courses this summer. Bu although they are separate mini-series’ Marvel says that they’ll indeed play off of one another.

“House of X and Powers of X are two stories that act as one story. They absolutely are separate, but by the end they collide together and coming out of that is the new paradigm for the X-Men universe,” explains Hickman.

In this epic story starring almost every single mutant in the Marvel Universe, Jonathan Hickman takes the reins of the X-Men and will revolutionize everything you know about mutants. Shocking secrets will be revealed throughout Marvel history that will affect every member of mutantkind, especially the X-Men. Follow this incredible story and witness the most important scene in X-Men history!

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