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E3 2019: Everything From Ubisoft’s Conference

This year the Ubisoft conference opened with the Assassins Creed Symphony. Taking us through a musical journey of every Assassins Creed instalment, a much classier opening than last year, I must say.

Watch Dogs Legion

Well the rumours and leaks were true. The next entry in the Watch Dogs franchise is set in London. A London a little in the future by the looks of things. As we look around we see hologram adverts, sleeker neon vehicles, (neon always means the future) and some very meanly equipped drones.

In the gameplay demo we got to see a little how playing as anyone works. And apparently you can play as “bloody anyone.”

Watch Dogs Legion has you create a rebellion against the surveillance state London has become. It seems you can recruit anyone you wish from the street and play as any of them. Who you choose and what happens to them has an impact on cutscenes.

Watch Dog’s Legion is available for pre-order and will be released on 6th March 2020

Something I found quite bizarre, was if you look in the audience after the reveal you can see someone that looks an awful lot like a bird.

Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet

Enter Rob McElhenney. Surprised? Me too. He’s here to announce his new TV series Mythic Quest. As a gamer himself, he wanted to express his love, through TV show. This show takes place inside the fictional developer studio responsible for the biggest MMORPG in the world as they are about to release their next expansion

Rainbow 6 Operation Phantom Sight

We got a small glimpse into some year 4 DLC for Rainbow 6 Siege that starts tomorrow. This will add two new operators, Nøkk and Warden.

Brawlhalla Adventure Time

If you’ve been playing Brawlhalla for a while and feel like it needs a little shaking up, here you go. Brawlhalla and Adventure Time will be crossing over to give you three new playable characters. Jake, Finn and Princess Bubblegum

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

What a star studded E3 this is turning out to be. Keanu Reeves, Rob McElhenney and now Jon Bernthal…and his very good dog Bam Bam. Robert Downey JR is going to reveal the untitled Avengers game next. Anyway, it’s no secret that Jon Bernthal plays the antagonist in the new Ghost Recon, the surprise was him taking to the E3 stage to talk about the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is another open world action shooter. You can go alone with AI teammates or with up to 3 real friends. You are based in Auroa (a fictional place) and being hunted by The Wolves, former ghosts turned rogue. They have taken over Auroa and are in control of the tech of tomorrow it has to offer.

You can register now for the beta or get guaranteed access when you pre-order.

Also shortly discussed was Ghost Recon Delta Company. Details were scarce but we do know its an official group that’s there for all your Ghost Recon needs.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Elite Squad is a new mobile RPG which combines Ubisoft franchises. The Division, Rainbow 6, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. You can equip characters from all of these games and more to create an elite squad. You will command a squad of 5 and take on other squads through a story campaign. Also available is PVP and guild vs guild. So you’ll need to acquire the best squad you can if you want to come out on top.

Just Dance 2020

In the same fashion as last year, Just Dance was announced with a dance number. Just Dance 2020 will be coming in November. There’s not much detail to go into here, so here it is…

For Honor: Shadows of the Hitokiri

Coming in year 3, season 2 of For Honor is a new event called Shadows of the Hitokiri. This is a limited event which brings in a new game mode, Soul Rush. Spectral customizations for all heroes and an “otherworldly” map, Ambiance. This event lasts from today to 27 June.

Rainbow 6: Quarantine

Next in the Rainbow 6 franchise is Quarantine. A 3 player, coop PVE. This will pit players against an “unknown and devastating parasite.” Not a lot of detail was given on this game. All we have is this trailer. So far it sounds like it’ll be Siege with zombies.

The Division 2

This portion gave us some insight into the planned free content releases for The Division 2. Episode 1 will have players take on new missions that will lead them outside the city and into more woodland areas, the national zoo and a college. This is slated for a July release. The second episode will take place in the Pentagon which has been taken over by Black Tusk who are going to leak whatever tasty secrets lay within. Episode 2 will also bring the 2nd raid. Episode 3 will go back, way back, to New York.

If you’re curious about The Division and have yet to try it out, it’s 100% free to play from the 13th June to the 16th June.

Another surprise bit of information was The Division Movie, starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by David Leitch. Ubisoft has partnered with Netflix and will be giving more information on the subject soon.


Everyone else has a subscription service so why not Ubisoft too. Enter Uplay+. This service will be exclusive to PC and Stadia, whether it will come to consoles was not shared. This service will allow you to download and play any Ubisoft title. This includes all premium editions with all extra content and brand new releases. It will even have early access to new Ubisoft releases. All of this will cost you $14.99 a month.

If you sign up before 15th August 2019 you will get 3rd-30th free.

Roller Champions

With two teams of three, you will compete against each other around a track, scoring goals. All the while stopping the other team by hitting them really rather hard. Roller Champions wants to create the feel of going from zero to hero. You have to earn fans along the way which will get you into bigger stadiums.

You can download and play the demo now to the 14th June.

Gods and Monsters

From the creators of Assassins Creed Odyssey comes a new adventure about a hero on a journey to save the Greek gods. You venture to the Isle of the Blessed which has been conquered by creatures of mythology. Using the powers of the gods you will fight creatures like gargoyles, gorgons and cyclops’.

Gods and Monsters will release on 25 February 2020.

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