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Dark Horse unveils 18” Replica Halo ship

Dark Horse’s line of replica this from Halo continues. The company has announced a monster-sized, 18″ UNSC Infinity.

To Infinity

A big part of current Halo canon, the UNSC Infinity is a beast of a starship. The flagship of the fleet, the Infinity continues to face all-new threats in the post ‘Covenant War’ galaxy.

The galaxy just got a whole lot safer with the limited-edition Halo: UNSC Infinity Ship 18” Replica! Built in secret on the outskirts of our solar system at the height of the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC Infinity has become a beacon of hope and exploration in the post-war galaxy. But even with the threat of the Covenant gone, new and dangerous enemies continue to emerge in the Milky Way. There is no better way to protect Earth and her colonies than to bring one of these limited UNSC Infinity ships home!

Dark Horse press release

And bring it home is what you’ll be able to do this fall. It won’t be cheap though, and it might be tough to get if you don’t pre-order. That’s because this 18″ ship will be $299.99 USD, and limited to a run of only 500 pieces.

You can lock down your Infinity right now here, on Dark Horse’s shop.

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