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New Nindies showcase coming up this week

This coming Wednesday, Nintendo will once again grace gamers with a Nintendo Direct. This time, they’ll be talking Nindies.


I was under the impression that Nintendo had scrapped the whole “Nindies” thing. It seemed like they’d left it out of their most recent press release, and I kind of thought that was it.

No, that’s not it though, as today’s release sets the record straight. And the long and the short of it is that there are more Nindies coming. Of course, for those that don’t speak Nintendo, that just means that theres a fresh slate of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

And that is something that never ever should have been in doubt. Names aside, the indie market on the Switch in incredibly strong, with the console getting dozens of terrific independently developed games every month.

You could actually argue that the library of the Switch wouldn’t be much without those “Nindies”. And so with that in mind, the question comes up as to what we’ll be seeing this week.

As with most Nintendo teasers though, there’s nothing to actually go off of as to content. So your guess is as good as our as to what’ll be discussed. If past Nindie-centric Directs are anything to go by though, expect some surprises, and an exploration of what’s already known.

The 30 minute Direct will kick off at 9am pacific time this Wednesday. You’ll be able to check it out, in its entirety, vis the portal below.

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