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Metal Gear Solid board game coming from IDW

Snake is sneaking onto tabletops everywhere next year in the brand new Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game, courtesy of Konami and IDW.

The original Solid adventure returns

Metal Gear Solid was a monster hit on the original PlayStation, and reinvigorated what was a dormant series. Since its release, MGS has accrued a legion of fans and become one of the biggest names in gaming. And now that original adventure is getting a board game adaptation.

Konami has partnered with publisher IDW to make the new title happen. It’s a company that the gaming giant is probably quite comfortable with. They’ve actually worked together on both Silent Hill and Metal Gear-related comics in the past. This time is a little different of course, in that it’s an interactive product.

Snake returns, but he’s not alone

Designed by Emerson Matsuuchi (designer of the Century game series, Reef, and Specter Ops) Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game is a fully cooperative, miniatures board game. Following the story of the first Metal Gear Solid video game, players take on the roles of Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Dr. Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, and Gray Fox the Cyborg Ninja. They’ll need to use their unique skill sets to avoid detection as they complete objectives across multiple campaign scenarios. Featuring a highly dynamic A.I. system and sandbox gameplay, missions can be completed in multiple ways and will always play out differently. 

IDW press release

Add onto that description that the game will offer miniatures from “highly regarded sculptor Francesco Orrù, and art from lifelong Metal Gear Solid fan and comic artist Kenneth Loh”. Apparently Matsuuchi is a pretty big fan of the source material as well, so MGS is probably in some very good hands here.

No release date just yet for this one, though IDW says that fans will get to play it at a few Cons coming up in 2019, including SDCC and Gen Con.

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