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Trio of classic Total War games get the “Definitive” treatment

Three of the best-loved Total War games are back. Empire, Medieval II, and Napoleon are now “Definitive” and fully stocked with their respective DLC.


Total War!

When you talk about classic PC strategy, Total War is right there with the best of them. Sega and Creative Assembly’s strategic action series has spanned a good chunk of history in its life. The result is that it’s become one of the biggest names in the genre. Though right now, it’s all about orks and dragons.

Currently, Total War: Warhammer II is the standard bearer for the franchise. But while that game is seeing new expansions released, a few of their older titles have gotten some repackaging. And that should make those looking to buy in for the first time pretty happy.

The result of this rebranding is Empire: Total War, Napoleon: Total War, and Medieval II: Total War, the Definitive Editions.

As you can see, if you played these before, the games look the same as they always have. That’s because these aren’t remasters. Instead, the Definitive Editions of this trio now include all previously released DLC.  So with each one, you’re getting the complete experience within one purchase. And if you have some or all of these already, no worries. Sega says that you’re getting free upgrades to the Definitive Editions.

Here are the official listings:

  • Total War: EMPIRE
    Control the land and command the seas. Total War: EMPIRE immerses you in the Age of Enlightenment, a time of political upheaval, military advancements, and endless possibilities. BAFTA winning EMPIRE came out in 2009 to universal acclaim, scoring a 90 on Metacritic and huge scores of 95% from the likes of IGN and Game Informer.
    Includes: Elite Units of the East; Elite Units of America; The Warpath Campaign.
  • About Total War: MEDIEVAL II
    Expand your reign in Total War: MEDIEVAL II. Make your mark in massive battles featuring up to 10,000 bloodthirsty troops throughout the most turbulent era in Western history. MEDIEVAL II came out in 2006 and was the 2007 winner of the Satellite Award for outstanding strategy game. It was also nominated for several awards, including BAFTA’s Games Award for both the main game and DLC.
    Includes: Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
  • About Total War: NAPOLEON
    From Italy to Waterloo, Total War: NAPOLEON covers two decades of relentless battles as the story of an extraordinary military career unfolds. Its score was critically claimed, receiving the IVOR Novello Award for Best Original Video Game Score in 2011.
    Includes: Coalition Battle Pack; The Peninsular Campaign; Imperial Eagle Pack; Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars

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