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Go behind the scenes on The Return of Wolverine

Wolverine is coming back to the Marvel U, and writer Charles Soule (and others) are letting readers in on some story tidbits in this behind the scenes video.

The Wolverine returns

Was there anyone who though Wolverine was going to stay dead forever? I hope not, since the character is as enduring as almost any other superhero out there, and his popularity didn’t really seem to wain any, even after his “death”. Regardless, he’s now officially back, moving through the Marvel U behind the scenes, and only being seen in drips and drabs.

That, however, is about to come to an end. Wolverine will once again be headlining his own monthly from Marvel, and will presumably be an X-Man as well. But before we get to that, we have this.

The book will be from “Death of” writer Charles Soule as well as Steve McNiven, Declan Shalvey, and Laura Martin. It’s a good team, headed up by someone in Soule who knows the character pretty well.

And from the sounds of things, the story will not find Logan in all that good of a place. But then again, it’s Logan, so that’s kind of expected.

“The book starts in hell – not literally hell but a place that’s going to feel kind of like that, and then Wolverine is going to begin a journey to get himself out of hell,” says Soule.

You can check out the full video at this link. The Return of Wolverine #1 hits stands on September 19th.

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